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Featured Listing: Worldbuilders

By Digigirl / January 25, 2016

What Is It:Worldbuilders is a group that runs fundraisers for deserving charities such as Heifer International, Mercy Corps, and First Book.  They certainly are not the only people in the world doing fundraisers, it’s how they do it that caught my attention.Here’s how it works.  Worldbuilders receives donations in the form of books, games, t-shirts […]


Featured Listing: Where the Gods Live

By Digigirl / August 17, 2015

What Is It:One of the amazing things about the SCA is the opportunity that people receive to exercise – and be appreciated for – artistic talents that don’t really fit into modern society.Horn carving is one of those arts that you will rarely find in a mundane store. ​I don’t know if Brian Marshall of […]


Featured Listing: Wild West Con

By Digigirl / August 10, 2015

What Is It:A lot of us geeky types like to dress up.  Whether it’s for cosplay, SCA or Steampunk events, we do like to get our imagination on, am I right?  But sometimes it can be really hard to keep in the mood when you’re surrounded by a jarring, modern ​environment.​Wild Wild West Con solved […]


Featured Listing: Storm Crow Tavern

By Digigirl / August 3, 2015

What Is It:In their own words, Storm Crow Tavern is “Planet Hollywood for geeks, a sports bar for nerds: a place where gamers, sci-fi and fantasy fans can hang out, drink a tasty microbrew and nosh on tasty edibles.”Stocked with a variety of board and card games to borrow, and classic sci-fi, fantasy and horror […]


Featured Listing: Artisan Dice

By Digigirl / July 27, 2015

Gamers love dice, it’s a fact.  Many gamers have massive dice collections.  But, you know, after a while, all those dice may begin to look kinda. . . the same.What Is It:Enter Artisan Dice.  Their name is what they make – handcrafted, artisan dice from a variety of materials.  These dice aren’t cheap, but they […]


Featured Listing: Cos Couture

By Digigirl / July 20, 2015

What Is It:Cos Couture is a blog that explores cosplay primarily, in their own words, by “focusing on character based articles.”  What this means is that each post features various cosplayers who have recreated a particular character.The Cos Couture website ​is a classy page featuring artfully designed posts filled with beautiful cosplay photography.  If you […]


Featured Listing: Verdaccio Studio

By Digigirl / July 13, 2015

What Is It:Verdaccio Studio is the SCA-specific business of artist Nancy Garbarini, who produces amazing Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance style paintings, scrolls, custom-painted shields and other artworks.Show Me:There are many beautiful pieces featured on the Verdaccio Studios website.  Here are just a few to show you the incredible level of detail involved in these intricate […]


Featured Listing: Steampunk Chronicle

By Digigirl / July 6, 2015

What Is It:Steampunk Chronicle is a an online community and news center for those interested in the Steampunk subculture.Show Me:Steampunk Chronicle has an easy to use website with articles on a variety of Steampunky topics such as fashion, crafts, media, events and Steampunk Life. They also have an active Facebook page highlighting links, pictures and […]


Featured Listing: Genefy Playground

By Digigirl / June 29, 2015

What Is It:Are you looking for a unique wedding cake topper that reflects your geeky interests?  I don’t think you will find anything cuter than these figurines custom made by Genefy Playground.Show Me:All of Genefy Playground’s cute little figurines are made to order, so you can customize them to exactly fit your personality.  Although these […]


Featured Listing: Obsidian Portal

By Digigirl / June 22, 2015

What Is It:Tabletop gaming has come a long way in the past decade.  Although the games themselves are still played in person with real dice and pencils, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great digital tools to help make game play more fun and/or efficient.Obsidian Portal is an online campaign management ​tool that helps GMs […]

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