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5 Great Hobbit Moments on Film for Hobbit Day

TheGeekPages.com 5 Great Hobbit Moments on Film for Hobbit Day

Today is Hobbit Day!  That is, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins share the same birthday (though obviously, not the same year) of September 22nd.  Which has become known as Hobbit Day!

​To honor these two iconic characters, I've selected a few clips from the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies that show some of the finest moments of our Hobbit heroes.


Bilbo & Frodo's Birthday Party

The birthday party is what kicks off the Lord of the Rings movies and is one of the few times we get to see Hobbits relaxed, and in their natural environment.  

During the rest of the movies, we see both of these characters in trying circumstances that really push their limits, but here we get to see them laughing and having fun.



Frodo Volunteers to Take the Ring to Mordor

Despite both being Hobbits, and even members of the same family, Bilbo and Frodo are very different people.  And their stories are very different, as well.

Frodo is put through an emotional wringer (see what I did there?) throughout the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and this moment is when he steps up to the plate, even though he has already experienced just a little taste of what is to come.  Knowing that it will be worse - much worse - going forward, he still risks his life, and subjects himself to what is essentially spiritual torture, to do the right thing.



Frodo Saves Sam from Drowning

Here, Frodo has already started to really feel the effects of the ring and he knows it is only going to get harder, so he tries to separate himself from the group.  Both to spare his friends the dangers he must face, and because he is not sure who he can trust.

But as always, Sam wants to help and refuses to let Frodo leave ​without him, even going to the extreme of jumping into the river when he cannot swim.  Of course, Frodo pulls him into the boat to save his life, and the bond between them is reinforced once again.



Bilbo Saves Thorin from the Orcs

Most of Bilbo's story has a much lighter tone than the Lord of the Rings.  Rightfully so, for while Thorin's quest to reclaim his Dwarven kingdom is certainly very important to him and his kin, it's not as if the world is ending (yet).  

Consequently, while Frodo's story is fraught with emotional distress and upheaval, Bilbo gets to do all the fun stuff.  He is the adventurous one who learns to fight, sneak, and steal, and parties with Dwaves and Elves!

Here is one of Bilbo's shining moments, when he risks his life to save his friend Thorin, despite their shaky relationship.​  



Bilbo Escapes the Dragon

This clip features my favorite character in The Hobbit movies - Smaug the dragon! 

At this point, Bilbo has started to have confidence in himself.  He has learned that he can do a lot more than he originally thought, and everyone is counting on him.  So, even though Smaug is immensely powerful and dangerous, Bilbo sneaks into the lair to steal from a dragon.

Despite the scariness of Smaug, Bilbo gets what he came for AND escapes the dragon's fire! 

So Happy Birthday to Bilbo and Frodo, two simple Hobbits who changed the world for the better!

What is your favorite Bilbo or Frodo moment?  Tell us in the comments!